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EV Charging to Become a Part of Office Leasing

Jun 30, 2023

Propmodo is reporting that charging facilities for electric vehicles is become a key part of commercial offices leases. 

As the market for EVs continues its rapid growth, demand for EV charging stations in office buildings is growing too. Paulina Torres is a researcher at JLL who recently authored a report on green leasing. In her research, she’s seen office tenants looking for space turn down a building because they didn’t have enough EV charging stations or none at all. In a recent survey by JLL, occupiers were asked what sort of lease clauses they were including in leases already, and what kinds of ESG priorities they planned to include in the future. The responses showed that EV charging was the least likely to be included in current leases but the most likely to be included in future leases.”

Lease language is an important part of the growth in electric vehicle use and spelling out all the details on EV charging stations in a green lease will be crucial for landlords and office tenants, the article said. 

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David Harrison