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A Phoenix Emerges

Jun 22, 2023

Phoenix, AZ is emerging as a city of the future, according to Axios

The news outlet reports that “Recent major investments in computer chip manufacturing and electric and autonomous vehicles have made it the overnight darling of the U.S. innovation elite.”

In addition the article reports that, “Waymo has been testing its self-driving vehicles in metro Phoenix since 2017. It recently doubled its local ride-hailing service area to cover 180 square miles, the largest fully autonomous service area in the world. And, five EV manufacturers have set up shop in Arizona since 2016, according to the the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Axios says that government and business leaders pledged to diversify Phoenix’s construction-based economy after it collapsed during the 2008 housing crash. They formed the Arizona Commerce Authority, offered incentives and relaxed regulations to lure new companies.

David Harrison