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AI’s Impact on Cities

May 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is all the buzz these days, and one of the questions it raises is the potential impact it will have on cities. 

The cities of the future will use technology to improve quality of life, efficiency and sustainability, said Chris Dymond, Director of the International Smart Cities Management Program at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology in Barcelona in an article reported by The Daily Mail

Dymond said that travel will be unrecognizable from today’s polluted streets – as hybrid working and autonomous driving reshape the roads.

He said, ‘People will likely travel less, as remote working and telepresence become ever more sophisticated and latency-free. 

Dymond believes that buildings will also be reshaped to become more energy efficient, with every opportunity taken to recover wasted energy.

Cities will also be greener, with vegetables and fruit grown locally, Dymond said.

According to the article, ‘Digital twin’ technology will allow city dwellers to see the effect decisions have on traffic, air quality and safety as it happens. Dymond said. “Whether they will be better places to live depends on how citizens are engaged in decision-making along the way, and whether AI and a multitude of other technological developments make it easier for this to happen.”

David Harrison