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The Office Sector is Learning From Hotels

May 15, 2023

If you’ve traveled to a hotel lately, you’ve probably experienced the most dramatic impact on real estate of the pandemic. Many systems are now touch-less, including check in and check out, virtual reality-based site visits for meeting planning, and on-screen room service ordering, with contact-less delivery. 

Operators of office space should take note, according to a recent article in Propmodo.

“Offices are already using these types of immersive technologies, like virtual walkthroughs, to help lease space, but that is only the beginning. Eventually, we will see 3D renderings help make decisions about reconfiguring floorplans or help orient visitors to the office before they even arrive.”

“Artificial intelligence represents another example of how hotel technology is advancing. AI automates tasks such as price forecasting and predictions to improve hospitality services, thus providing a more seamless and streamlined experience for guests during their stay. Artificial intelligence collates and interprets guest data, maps and identifies user preferences to create a custom accommodation package, and personalizes the entire guest experience. In a changing work world, offices would be wise to do the same. It is hard to say what workers want from the office now because everyone has their own opinion. But with the right amount of data and AI to help interpret it office can become more appealing to everyone, no matter what they want from their physical workplace.”

David Harrison