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Rite Aid Opens “New Type” of Headquarters

Jul 18, 2022

“Rite Aid has opened a new type of corporate headquarters at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Called a Collaboration Center, company CEO Heyward Donigan explains it’s more of an incubator that’s designed to draw more diverse employees to the company,” according to an article on

“I was never going to be able to recruit the talent that we needed without being able to recruit people who were diverse, both in terms of race and gender, but also geography, that the best and brightest weren’t always going to be either in Camp Hill or even in Pennsylvania,” Donigan said. “They were going to be all over the country and in some cases all over the world.”

Among the features are conference rooms with various sizes, shapes, a communal setting, an in-house digital and video studio, a genius bar for IT service, a catering kitchen, a business center, and a respite room for nursing, prayer, and meditation.

The Navy Yard was once home to shipbuilding and overhauling operations, but has been reimagined into a high-tech hub for the city. Future plans call for the development of retail and homeownership opportunities in what is being called a new neighborhood along the riverfront portion of the footprint, the article said. 

David Harrison