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New Headquarters for the Hybrid Worker Opens Opens In Arizona

Jul 14, 2022

Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 solutions integrator, opened a new corporate headquarters in Arizona that is geared to the hybrid workplace and remote worker. 

“The more than 200,000-square-foot innovation hub, located at 2701 E. Insight Way, emphasizes collaboration via 83 meeting spaces, and mobility through technology that allows Insight’s 1,400 Arizona teammates to transition effortlessly between collaborative teamwork in the office and individual work at home or anywhere else,” according to a press release.

More on the space:

  • Insight Way emphasizes “collaborative” zones, including formal meeting spaces ranging from small-group focus rooms to the Crown Room auditorium and training areas that accommodate up to 300 people. Rooms are decked with digital smartboards to accommodate hybrid meetings, writeable walls and ad hoc conference booking, and there is ample individual “hotel” workspace for visiting remote workers.
  • Informal meeting areas and amenities for teammates, partners and clients include a branded coffee shop called H3 (celebrating the company’s hunger, heart and harmony values); Café Fuchsia, a full-service cafeteria; health clinic, fitness facility, library and mother’s rooms.
  • The Innovation Center provides an interactive experience to help clients visualize how Insight’s digital transformation expertise can address their digital challenges.
  • Technology drives sustainability, including: solar panels covering parking areas to provide 80% of the facility’s energy consumption during peak hours, sensor-based window shutters that automatically open and close based on sun/UV intensity, an HVAC ionization system, and smart temperature and lighting. The building also features an abundance of natural lighting and 800 indoor trees and plants to improve air quality and reduce teammate fatigue.
David Harrison