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Hybrid workforce: what do workers want?

Jul 5, 2022

From our Thought Leader Partner, MRI.

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This report was originally published on MRI Software’s blog.

Survey insights from over 1,000 employees across the United States

Working remotely and working on-site both have their benefits:

Working from home means less time spent commuting, reduced physical proximity to other people (a huge benefit in the current climate), and for some, a more focused, productive work environment.

Working on-site is most attractive for collaboration, meeting workers’ social needs and for having more meaningful, face-to-face interactions with mentors or managers.

hybrid workforce arrangement allows workers to design a more flexible schedule that offers the best of both worlds. Many people find that too much time spent working remotely can negatively impact work relationships, while a significant portion of those working on-site full-time are concerned about pandemic safety (29% of those working on-site full-time reported that they do not feel comfortable with the protective measures at work).

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