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University Relations Begins with You!

May 29, 2019

Through the Academic Challenge, Campus Ambassador Program, Intern Connect, and a library of free resources aligned with The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate, CoreNet Global is building bridges between the world of corporate real estate and the next generation of talent.

The paired goals of raising awareness of corporate real estate and cultivating a diverse pipeline of talent into the profession have guided the development of programs and resources that make up the University Relations initiative.

With your help, we have engaged more than 300 universities in 71 countries around the globe. Today, there are more than 20 courses taught at universities around the world integrating corporate real estate content. The majority of them are taught by CoreNet Global members just like you. Your experiences and insights are the sparks that will ignite students’ interest in learning more about the expanding field of corporate real estate.

As we interest more and more students, and they help us engage faculty, we need more help… we need YOUR help. The feedback we’ve received from members has been phenomenal. Fun, rewarding, inspiring, are all adjectives that University Relations volunteers have used to describe their experiences.

Where Can You Help?

  • In your local market:
    • Reach out to your alma mater / Re-connect with a favorite faculty member. Ask how you can help introduce corporate real estate to students.
    • Offer to present to a class or real estate club.
    • Consider becoming a Campus Ambassador so that you can foster relationships between higher education and CoreNet Global.
    • Encourage faculty to promote the Academic Challenge and help students compete.
    • Offer an internship; give students their first corporate real estate experience while they help you accomplish more.
  • At the Global Summit in Orange County:
    • Seek out students who are competing in the Academic Challenge and share your insights with them.
    • Watch their final presentations on Tuesday, 22 October at 14:15
  • On Social Media (Instagram: cnguniversityrelations |  Twitter: @CngRelations)
    • Share your experiences reaching out to students.
    • Invite others to join you

For more information, contact Dean Jordan, VP University & External Relations at or +1.404.589.3218.

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Dean Jordan