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May 9, 2019

CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 5.0: Recession-Proofing a Corporate Real Estate Portfolio

Whether or not a recession is imminent, you know that one will occur eventually. When it does, how will you respond? What can you do today to position your company to remain effective during the recession and be even more competitive afterward?

This is the focus of the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 5.0, sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield, KI, and IA: Interior Architects. We have challenged students around the world to learn about corporate real estate by tackling this very problem.

Our hope is that when you hear the students’ ideas on Tuesday, 22 October at the Global Summit in Orange County, CA you will hear strategies and concepts that you can take back to your company and adapt for your own business (the corporate profiles we give the students are based on the profiles of our member corporations).

About the Academic Challenge

The CoreNet Global Academic Challenge is a student competition designed to raise awareness of corporate real estate (“CRE”) career opportunities for students around the world. Launched in 2015, the competition has drawn almost 2,000 students from 70 countries and has been incorporated into the curriculum at several universities as an effective teaching tool.

Each year, the Academic Challenge is designed to tackle an issue faced by CoreNet Global members like employee experience, integrating disruptive technologies (AI, IoT, blockchain), or recession-proofing a multinational corporate real estate portfolio. Seasoned CRE executives serve as judges as the students present their ideas to standing-room-only audiences of professionals. The students consistently bring fresh perspectives and interesting insights to the problems, and develop creative solutions the professionals can take back to their corporations and implement.

Academic Challenge Employee/Professional Development internship Talent
Dean Jordan