Message from Chairman, David Kamen, MCR.h, Chairman, CoreNet Global

CoreNet Global has been my professional home for many years, and I was honored to assume the position of Chairman on April 1. Having served as a local chapter leader, faculty member, mentor, presenter and more, I've experienced the positive impact this organization has had on my career and those of my peers.

I thank those Chairmen, Chairwomen and Board Directors who served before me – and those poised to lead with me during a time of rapid transformation and disruption.

The corporate real estate profession is at an inflection point with numerous dynamics at play. Global market and economic uncertainties, new technologies such as AI, robotics and process automation drive new ways of conducting business already. Additionally, significant demographic changes have altered our real estate portfolios, occupancy types, outlook for space and lease requirements, and desired workplace experiences.

CoreNet Global has a vital role to play in preparing our members for what’s next and adding value in ways that acknowledge a paradigm shift. We strive to be indispensable to the successful practice of corporate real estate globally through strategic projects aimed at serving our members in new ways. Recent initiatives have included:

  • FutureForward 2025 where we seek to make bold predictions about the future needs of members and how they will want to belong, convene, learn and access information and content
  • Initiation of a new Distinguished Leaders Circle that honors those who have made meaningful contributions to the profession and the association throughout the course of
    their career
  • Debut of the Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) professional designation designed for those new to the profession
  • Revitalization of our Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) designation program that includes virtual delivery opportunities
  • Introduction of Mentor Match, a program designed to pair mentors and mentees around the world
  • Launch of a new podcast channel with timely, relevant content developed by members for members

In my tenure, we will continue to engage members in creating a shared vision for the future, personalizing and customizing the member experience, strengthening and expanding our
learning platform globally and deepening our engagement with universities so that we can attract future generations of talent to the corporate real estate profession. Thank you for the opportunity to lead our Global Board of Directors for the next two years. I look forward to serving during this time with optimism and foresight in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your ideas on how our organization can serve you better.

David Kamen, MCR.h
CoreNet Global