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CoreNet Global Advances Professional Development in Corporate Real Estate

The landscape of corporate real estate -- the workplace, the built environment, technology, logistics – is changing literally each day. While many of the evolutions currently taking place were predicted, some, of course, were not, and we know that the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change.

CoreNet Global, the predictor of many of those trends, will always remain current and keep professionals up-to-date on the trendlines, best practices, and current knowledge that is essential to being successful in the corporate real estate profession.

We are pleased to announce our newest educational program: the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate. The curriculum covers a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics through a series of seven webinars; to earn the certificate, participants must complete six of the seven.

To deliver and teach the content that keeps members fully aware of all aspects of corporate real estate, we empanel a faculty of global leaders, end users and service providers, who have developed expertise and risen to levels of distinction.

We offer several certifications, and we are pleased to announce new graduates.  

  • The MCR (Master of Corporate Real Estate) professional designation was established in 1982 as a comprehensive career development program which includes completion of six multi-day seminars within a five-year period. Continuing professional development is required each three-year renewal cycle to maintain the designation. There are nearly 3000 graduates to date; this year we welcomed 45 new graduates.
  • The workplace specialization (MCR.w) provides candidates with a strong foundation in the field of workplace strategy and offers the opportunity to earn professional recognition for additional knowledge gained through the program. w launched in 2012 with 173 grads to date, with 25 new graduates this year
  • There are also 30 CoreNet Global members who have achieved the Senior Leader in Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) designation this year.

This year, necessitated by COVID-19, CoreNet Global converted 17 in-person seminars to virtual programs, including our MCR Capstone. Now corporate real estate professionals can take advantage of advanced learning no matter where they are in the world without the added time and expense of travel and time away from home.

CoreNet Global also launched our MCR Group program globally, piloted in India over the past several years. The program allows candidates to go through the MCR program with a core group of colleagues and within a defined timeframe. 

We welcome you to learn how you can to advance your career through our professional development program. Learn more about our offerings here.

**We'll be celebrating our 2020 QPCR, MCR, MCR.w, and SLCR graduates at the CoreNet Global Virtual Summit October 26-27. Join us in congratulating this accomplished group of corporate real estate professionals.

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