A strong foundation in corporate real estate begins with QPCR
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A strong foundation in corporate real estate begins with QPCR

Purchase your two-year QPCR subscription to get started today! 

QPCR is a virtual, self-paced program designed to help you build a strong foundation in corporate real estate (CRE), enhance your business and leadership skills, and develop your professional network. This unique, new designation gives you what you need to succeed:

  • Essential CRE knowledge
  • Business and leadership skills
  • Strategic and global awareness.

The QPCR aids you in your professional development by providing the following:

  • Personalized learning experiences through a variety of learning options
  • Content delivery that includes eLearning courses, virtual classroom seminars and classroom based local workshops 
  • Strong professional network through mentoring, volunteering and university ambassador opportunities

Demonstrate your commitment to CRE effectiveness and increase your value to your company. Earn your QPCR.

Learn more about content and activities from the QPCR Focus Areas:

  • Build Your CRE Knowledge
  • Enhance Your Business & Leadership Skills
  • Develop Your Professional Network
  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Dollars and Sense: Low Cost, High Return
  • Pricing

Earning your QPCR gives you an essential understanding of a wide range of CRE competencies—portfolio management, finance, project management and more.

Click here to see CRE Knowledge courses.

Enhance Your Business & Leadership Skills. Develop the business acumen and leadership skills that are at the heart of a successful career in CRE. These courses will help you increase your effectiveness as a CRE professional and leader.

Click here to see Business & Leadership Skill courses.

Ongoing professional networking is important to career success. It enables you to exchange fresh ideas, help others, share your experiences and tap into others’, expand your support, and more.  In short, it can help you advance your effectiveness, your career, and our profession. Candidates have the option to participate in the Mentor Match program in lieu of ten hours of coursework.

Earn your QPCR when you want, where you want. Build your personalized curriculum, gaining CRE knowledge and developing skills in areas where you need them. Learn online or in person. Choose among 1 to 2-hour eLearning modules and 1 to 6-hour (multi-session) virtual seminars.

The QPCR regular member price is only $999 (1499 for non-members). This program yields significant payback to you and your company. When you earn your QPCR, you will gain invaluable CRE knowledge and practical skills you can use in your job every day, and that will help you advance in your career. The CRE function is a huge lever for your company. The QPCR will help you become more effective and efficient in your job, thus helping your company reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, and better align real estate management to corporate goals.

Non-member: $1,499 USD

Member: $999 USD

Q: How is QPCR different?

Provides flexible options for today’s learner

  • Includes e-learning modules and recordings of live courses available 24/7/365
  • PLUS live virtual courses, minimizing time out of the office
  • Ensures local, regional, and global interactions through broader use of learning technology
  • Choose the courses that best suit your interests and needs

Q: What are the QPCR requirements?

Updated QPCR Requirements - Effective December 1, 2020

  • Complete a combined 70 hours of Corporate Real Estate Knowledge and Business & Leadership Skill content to earn your QPCR.
  • Mentor Match participation may be substituted for 10 hours of content. With this option, you would complete 60 content hours and 10 Mentor Match hours, for a total of 70 hours to earn your QPCR. This is optional and replaces the previous requirement of 15 networking hours.
  • Faculty-led courses may be attended live or via recording to make it easier to learn on your schedule

Q: What is included in QPCR candidacy?

  • Full access to nearly 200 hours of QPCR content for two years
  • Acknowledgement of accomplishment at the Global Summit recognition event
  • Learning Concierge service to help personalize the program and guide the process

Q: How is QPCR content accessed?

  • Candidate purchases the QPCR subscription
  • Access is provided to the CoreNet Global Learning Center
  • Login to learn.corenetglobal.org using your corenetglobal.org credentials
  • Click on the Dashboard menu item, the black "Designations" button and the blue "Requirements" button to select courses and track your progress.
  • Candidate launches and completes e-learning options via the Learning Center
  • Candidate adds virtual seminars to daily calendar
  • Candidate returns to the Learning Center to participate in virtual seminars

Q: Can QPCR hours apply toward the MCR designation?

QPCR content is designed to be an ever-changing broad overview of corporate real estate and essential business skills targeted to individuals with fewer than five years of experience. The MCR has a long-standing defined in-depth curriculum targeted to CRE professionals with five or more years of experience. Although titles may be similar, the depth of information provided is quite different. Therefore credit is not interchangeable between the two programs.

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