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Presentation: Experience per SF - Measuring Workplace Engagement Members Only

While we implement many new workplace strategies, technologies, amenities and services, do we truly understand how this impacts the employee experience the consume our products and services? Now we can. Experience per Square Foot (XSF) is an industry differentiator borne out of the need to address the stagnant issue of low employee engagement. XSF recommendations are balanced between people, place and technology and engage real estate groups, HR and IT for the C-Suite in solving business problems by improving employee engagement, productivity and the bottom line. This session will focus on LinkedIn’s efforts to partner with Cushman & Wakefield to prove that you can effectively measure and score the workplace experience and prove a connection to employee engagement. Expanding the traditional HR levers to include the workplace experience is revolutionary and providing the piece that has been missing all along. Experience per square foot is innovative and broad in it's approach providing measurable and scored insights about an employee experience, what's important to employees and how effective the company is at delivering. It's related to all workplace aspects - Physical Space, Technology, Amenities, Services, Location and Culture & Policies.

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Presentation: Global Real Estate’s Response to Radical Corporate Change Members Only

0Are you ready for a challenge? During this simulation game imagine that you are the GRE lead for Sparks Technology with a portfolio in Asia Pacific of over 180 properties, totaling 15 million square feet. You have been pursuing a strategy to consolidate locations into bigger campus when the announcement comes! Sparks plans to separate into two new publicly traded companies in one year. What do you do? What are your key considerations? What are your key objectives? How do they think they need to structure themselves? Who will be your key partners? During this simulation game you will work in small groups and will discuss how you would respond to this scenario. A panel session will follow with representatives who have experienced of radical change to respond to the presentations and answer questions on how they responded to these key challenges.

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Presentation: AI and the Future of Work Members Only

When predictive technology tools move into the built environment, design will have entered a new era. Our buildings cannot yet accurately identify who we are and what we want, but the day is coming when a room will be able to anticipate what we need and change itself to accommodate us. As the workplace continues to evolve and we imagine an array of possible futures driven by technological advancement, what will this mean for real estate strategy and design? This roundtable discussion will spark dialog around how AI technology will either help with the process of designing corporate office environments, or help the design to be dynamic enough to adapt to various preferences.

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Presentation: Future of Building Management Solutions for MNC’s in China Members Only

As many MNCs continue to grow and expand their footprint in China, there is an increasing need to provide a facility that can support their evolving business needs over time. MNCs are seeking facility management solutions that are smarter, more efficient, and promote the collaboration and well-being of the people that work in them. A unique strategic business partnership model has successfully enabled MNCs in building, operating and enhancing their facilities in China according to their specific enterprise objectives. This panel will share the successful stories and key learning points gained. This session will help you understand the needs and challenges many enterprises face when designing their ideal space in emerging markets.

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Presentation: The Hundred Year Life Members Only

Does living to 100 excite you or fill you full of dread? In a 'hundred year life' health matters more than ever. Emerging evidence suggest that people are living longer and predict that a child born in 2007 has a 50% chance of living to 104 years old. How will you spend all these extra years and what impact will the buildings and healthy habits have on your ability to live a productive and fulfilling life? This new opportunity is countered by the emergence of lifestyle disease including stress which has the potential to limit our productive years. Duncan will share his workplace health evidence on the two most important areas, namely, sedentary habits of knowledge workers and impacts of stress in workplace. Some volunteers will be offered the opportunity to wear the biofeedback devices during the conference to understand and improve their own health and wellbeing as well as receive simple takeaway pack to implement health into the workplace.

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Presentation: The Art of Constantly Reinventing the Future Members Only

Work, as we know it, is changing. The jobs we hold, the spaces we occupy and the workflows we use have cracked under the pressure of the disruption brought by technological advancements. Organisations do not have to adapt to a new reality, but adaption is the new reality. The new tools, methods, policies, and ideas we’re adopting today may not be of much use tomorrow. In the near future the workspace as we once knew it is just a distant memory. During this session, Raphael Gielgen, Head Research & Trend Scouting at Vitra, will lead a thought provoking discussion on these future challenges, fundamental changes in the world of work and approaches to reinventing the future.

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Presentation: A View from the Trenches: CRE Data Governance- Foundation, Aspiration or Innovation Members Only

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) data has become a critical component of overall corporate digital information strategy. CRE analytics' potential impact on the wider business is huge. Companies that embrace internal and external data, manage its flow carefully but efficiently, and structure it to create actionable information and insight have a strong competitive advantage. There is a wide array of opportunities in CRE to drive operational efficiencies through quality data. This panel discussion will share the real life stories and data governance practices from the CRE experts that have started on the Data Governance journey. Join them for a rich discussion of how to successfully implement a coherent data centric strategy, challenges, and lessons learned.

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Presentation: Transformational Dynamics of India’s Office Space Members Only

Geopolitical and technology disruptions are transforming the office space landscape in India. Its office real estate market has witnessed a huge transformation due to structural changes such as demonetization, RERA, GST, and REITs. Some of the major forces that are disrupting the sector are global policy changes (US protectionism, Brexit). Technological advancement and the gradual shift towards flexible or remote working are also impacting the market. All of these forces are likely to lead to a subsequent slowdown in projected demand. Yet despite these disruptive forces, India is seen as a growing and stable investment market and key real estate players have demonstrated ability to deliver. India constitutes around 40% of the net office absorption in the South-East Asia region last year. Join the conversation as this expert panel examines India’s changing office landscape.

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Presentation: Beyond the Horizon – The 2030 Workplace Members Only

GSK has taken a quantum leap forward in the development of their Asia Headquarters in Singapore by delivering a workplace that is considered cutting edge – anywhere. They embraced new thinking, ways of working and focused on what their regional workforce will want in years to come. During this session you will gain exclusive insight into this project and specifically where they have been able to challenge established norms. GSK Asia HQ delivers for the business today and the inherent flexibility of this building will satisfy business requirements for the next decade and beyond.

Speakers: Simon French & Tamagin Blake-Smith

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Presentation: Get Smart: Take Advantage of the Smart Cities Members Only

Smart' cities, precincts, and buildings are drawing both tech companies and large corporations to specific locations, with many forces pulling in coworking space to join the party. Many are now looking to coworking space as the solution to flexible space for the more 'tech-focused' teams within their workforce who require the tech vibe. Digging deeper what does this mean for the rest of the portfolio? Research has shown that companies are using coworking space as a platform to drive innovation, secure access to talent pools and increase cost flexibility. What this also means is that CRE professionals of the same companies are now required to engage with a whole new suite of services related to coworking spaces. The opportunity for the next generation of CRE professionals now lies in curating clusters for their employees, clients and guests that integrate the human experience with data-driven services and smart technologies. The panel will debate the extent to which these changes in location and space provisions impact parts of their organizations, and the steps that should be taken for the remaining parts of their portfolio to reap the benefits of these 'smart' cities.

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