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CNGtv/Video: Ambient Intelligence: A New Value Proposition for Corporate Real Estate Members Only

Rapid developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence, conversational interfaces, chatbots and other technologies are transforming the way we interact with buildings, equipment, furniture and spaces. These familiar, inanimate 'things' are becoming active players capable of picking up information directly from the environment, taking actions and reporting the results back to us. The degree to which real estate becomes capable of 'learning' about the needs, preferences and patterns of its users may be an important indicator of its value in the future. Real estate that is more responsive to its occupants may command a premium in the market in years to come. Technological personae like Siri and Alexa are coming into the workplace with the power to transform how we conduct the business of facility management. More ambitious advancements, like the nano-technology known as 'smart dust' promise to literally put electronic eyes and ears into the atmosphere. The new developments have cost, efficiency, safety and privacy implications that organizations will need to address.

CNGtv/Video: The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture and Buildings Lead to High Performance Members Only

In 2013 a single project created a revolution for the role of the workplace in health and wellbeing. The catalyst created an explosion of interest, a gold rush of players and a lot of noise about what really works. This presentation provides a summary of two years of research to get at the heart of the interest, and to identify the clear signal from the noise. The Well MindShift project was conducted over two years and included more than 100 experts and corporate leaders. Our research left us stunned regarding the threat of rising chronic disease and its unrelenting rise in cost. We traced a root cause for chronic disease to workplace stress, organizational culture and poor workplace design. Our conclusions proved that a healthy building, behavior nudging healthy behavior through design, a culture of care and a coalition of stakeholders can turn the tide.

CNGtv/Video: The Coming Labor and Location Challenges Posed by 'Industry 4.0' Members Only

The fourth industrial revolution, often called 'Industry 4.0', is a new era in which corporate activity is increasingly digital. Technological advances allow for more and faster data collection and analysis, wireless connectivity and mobility, automation, virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and new human-machine interactions. As technology continues to evolve and the adoption rate of innovations increases, disruption to current workforces and future labor markets is expected to be one of the greatest challenges to predict, manage, and mitigate. This session will examine impacts on corporate functions as they are expected to occur in different locations and within specific real estate asset types. The requirement for corporate and governmental responses to labor market dislocation and needs (e.g. upskilling, reskilling, relocation) will also be explored.

CNGtv/Video: Resilient Design - An Essential Discussion at the Crossroads of the World Members Only

In a world confronted by increasing environmental, economic, and social change, resilient design is a top concern. It's no longer an exploratory exercise; it's an essential conversation for designers, landlords, brokers, and tenants alike. This case study will explore how global media brand, Viacom, worked together with Perkins+Will to navigate the design of three floors within their 20-floor stack in the center of Times Square. Through current examples you'll see how tenants can ensure business continuity in increasingly precarious circumstances. You'll walk away with a strong understanding of the current landscape of resilience, and will be armed with the right questions depending on their role in a given project.

CNGtv/Video: Nothing About the Way We Work Will Be Relevant Tomorrow Members Only

Work, workers and workplace are changing and now is the time to think deeply about the impact it will have on your business. How will shifts in technology, mobility, and workplace culture affect your organization's ability to succeed? We need an empowered, innovative workforce focused on doing impactful work, and systems that enable it. Join your colleagues in this dynamic roundtable discussion that will shake you out of complacency and into thinking about the business challenges you may soon face.

CNGtv/Video: How Do Your Sustainability and Wellness Policies Stack Up? Members Only

Uncertainty is the name of the game when it comes to sustainable building. What's the next green technology? Is wellness a fad? How much should resilience matter to how we manage real estate? For the last three years, Structure Tone has surveyed clients and partners to take the pulse of the industry and see what the crystal ball may have in store. This panel discussion will not only review what the survey reveals about industry attitudes, but also highlight the challenges we face in adopting new sustainability, wellness and resilience practices in an uncertain future. Building upon audience participation and discussion based on industry data, this session will illuminate the challenges and identify the opportunities for a sustainable, resilient future.

CNGtv/Video: High Performance Change Leadership in CRE Members Only
Change starts with the leadership at the top - are you setting the tone and driving the innovation that's needed for your team to accomplish this transformation? This roundtable discussion format will explore key topics that are challenging CRE leaders including emerging technologies, talent acquisition, how to build your personal skill set, risk management and more. Competition is fierce to acquire and keep high performers who are also innovators - are you one of them? This session provides a forum for change leaders to discuss managing risks and rewards in a rapidly changing environment. 

CNGtv/Video: Fires, Hurricanes, Flooding, or Mudslides - What Really happens during Crunch Time? Members Only
What really happens when you are hit with a natural disaster? Last year many companies found out first hand, experiencing fires in Northern California, Mudslides in Southern California, Flooding in Texas, Hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico. Hear from Corporate Real Estate professionals that were on the front line of these natural disasters last year. How effective was their planning? What really happens and how do you recover?

CNGtv/Video: Capital One's New HQ is an Entire City Neighborhood Members Only
Capital One is embarking on an epic journey to change the way large corporations use their real estate assets to recruit and retain talent. They are investing and creating an entire neighborhood in Tysons, VA where its associates can mingle with the public, share in the best of amenities, and never have to get in a car. Tysons is transforming from an edge suburban node to a full-fledged new urban city. Discover how Capital One's HQ campus has made that journey along with Tysons, and is becoming a multi-use city neighborhood with all the amenities (including a premier event center, and upscale grocer Wegmans) and services to make it highly attractive to their target demographic. Capital One is going to the next level by using its real estate to create a sense of place in Tysons that will not only attract talent, but will be that place where employees, neighbors, and the public at large will want to visit, be entertained, and live.

CNGtv/Video: We're Lovin' It: McDonald's New HQ Models an Evolving Future Members Only

In 2015 Steve Easterbrook took the helm at the world's leading global food service retailer. Charged with transforming the iconic company the decision to move the McDonald's HQ was a highly visible part of the overall strategy. The business changes, combined with leaving a decades-old campus, meant everything was going to be different. Key considerations included: how should the work environment be different to best support the company's new direction? How could the work environment positively influence and reinforce the ongoing culture shift all while the company was undergoing a major transformation? McDonald's leverages technology for its restaurants and wanted to create a smarter experience for the headquarters. When you pair a forward-thinking workplace strategy with a range of smart building resources, the result is a foundation enabling significant culture shift!

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