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CNGtv/Video: High Performance Change Leadership in CRE Members Only
Change starts with the leadership at the top - are you setting the tone and driving the innovation that's needed for your team to accomplish this transformation? This roundtable discussion format will explore key topics that are challenging CRE leaders including emerging technologies, talent acquisition, how to build your personal skill set, risk management and more. Competition is fierce to acquire and keep high performers who are also innovators - are you one of them? This session provides a forum for change leaders to discuss managing risks and rewards in a rapidly changing environment. 

CNGtv/Video: Fires, Hurricanes, Flooding, or Mudslides - What Really happens during Crunch Time? Members Only
What really happens when you are hit with a natural disaster? Last year many companies found out first hand, experiencing fires in Northern California, Mudslides in Southern California, Flooding in Texas, Hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico. Hear from Corporate Real Estate professionals that were on the front line of these natural disasters last year. How effective was their planning? What really happens and how do you recover?

CNGtv/Video: Capital One's New HQ is an Entire City Neighborhood Members Only
Capital One is embarking on an epic journey to change the way large corporations use their real estate assets to recruit and retain talent. They are investing and creating an entire neighborhood in Tysons, VA where its associates can mingle with the public, share in the best of amenities, and never have to get in a car. Tysons is transforming from an edge suburban node to a full-fledged new urban city. Discover how Capital One's HQ campus has made that journey along with Tysons, and is becoming a multi-use city neighborhood with all the amenities (including a premier event center, and upscale grocer Wegmans) and services to make it highly attractive to their target demographic. Capital One is going to the next level by using its real estate to create a sense of place in Tysons that will not only attract talent, but will be that place where employees, neighbors, and the public at large will want to visit, be entertained, and live.

CNGtv/Video: We're Lovin' It: McDonald's New HQ Models an Evolving Future Members Only

In 2015 Steve Easterbrook took the helm at the world's leading global food service retailer. Charged with transforming the iconic company the decision to move the McDonald's HQ was a highly visible part of the overall strategy. The business changes, combined with leaving a decades-old campus, meant everything was going to be different. Key considerations included: how should the work environment be different to best support the company's new direction? How could the work environment positively influence and reinforce the ongoing culture shift all while the company was undergoing a major transformation? McDonald's leverages technology for its restaurants and wanted to create a smarter experience for the headquarters. When you pair a forward-thinking workplace strategy with a range of smart building resources, the result is a foundation enabling significant culture shift!

CNGtv/Video: Navigating Uncertainty by Building Community and Curating Experience Members Only

In the face of an ever-changing marketplace full of uncertainty, workplace can no longer be thought of simply as shelter provided for employees, but it must be understood as a daily, experiential customer service that a corporation delivers to its employees to boost productivity and retain top talent. Join this timely discussion on the state of the marketplace and the core challenges occupiers face on a daily basis. From leading thinkers in the space, see a broad vision of how the real estate industry may change over the next 10-20 years.

Multimedia: Living a Rich Life Members Only

Join Stan Gibson, MCR.h as he delivers a message that is resonating with leaders across all industries. As a corporate real estate executive for over 30 years, Stan has developed a message encompassing his passions of real estate and leadership development into an entertaining and thoughtful discussion regarding whether we're 'living to work or working to live'. During this session he will discuss processes he's adapted over the years regarding: Developing purpose and living with intention. Incorporating life changing 'habits' and keeping your energy levels optimal. The importance of brand (yes YOUR brand) and incorporating your own personal Board of Directors

CNGtv/Video: Wellness in the Workplace: the Demand is Real Members Only

Wellness in the workplace is a major priority for corporate real estate. Organizations are increasingly offering wellness programs to attract top talent and retain the strongest employees. Wellness in the workplace is playing a much larger and broader role in how we think about real estate. In this roundtable discussion you'll find out what your peers are thinking; hear expert insights on using technology to improve workplace and personal wellness; and get tools to help you lead the wellness conversation in your organization.

CNGtv/Video: The Unilever Marketplace Members Only

Learn the details on how this team devised a sustainability strategy and sale-leaseback approach that significantly increased the project scope while dramatically reducing energy usage and overall occupancy cost. In 2014, Unilever unveiled 'Project Unify'-a plan to consolidate five of its North American offices and several of its operating groups into a single, state-of-the-art workplace. The new headquarters not only had to be modern, flexible, and conducive to employee health and well-being, but it also had to help the company reduce its carbon footprint by a staggering 50 percent while doubling its revenues-an ambitious goal outlined in Unilever's global Sustainable Living Plan. The end result was that Unilever was able to structure a transaction through creative financial engineering whereby the initial rent was increased whilst the operational costs going forward where reduced by 50%.

CNGtv/Video: Workplace 911: NOT So Best Practices Revealed Members Only

Enough talk about all of the best practices for workplace provisioning and the trendy articles that reveal the secrets for a sought after workplace. Where's the Cliff Notes on what NOT to do? What constitutes calling 911 for workplace planning issues? What did the companies that made the best practices in workplace list do along the way that they learned to never repeat again? We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We must understand the emotions inherently involved if we modify where someone spends most of their time and proceed with meaningful management of expectations. It is important to think about what other changes are being implemented at the same time, before, or after the workplace change so there is not 'change fatigue' in the workplace. Changes in business processes, methods for decision making, and technology enhancements, all have an impact on the appetite for workplace changes.

CNGtv/Video: Teen Social Practices and the Future of Work Members Only

Do you wonder what the teens in your life are doing on their screens? It's possible they are defining the future of work right in front of us. Through gaming and social networking, kids are learning in real time; they are learning leadership skills, management skills, business philosophy, financial strategy, economic behaviorism, social dynamics, motivational psychology, design thinking, environmentalism, and creative and critical thinking. Let's imagine together for a moment. If many us come into the lecture hall environment of a convention center and engage in sharing ideas about what is collectively going on around us, we can move forward able to help our organizations advance in their thinking, expand in their preparation, and believe in greater values in preparation for the renewed paradigm shifts fast approaching. By using simple display thinking tools, this session will pose future focused questions designed to tender a new form of value in connecting workplace to the coming nature of work. 

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