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Presentation: CoreNet Global and CBRE Management Practices in Global Corporate Real Estate Organizations Survey [presentation slides] Members Only
The aim of this survey was to provide senior leaders a thorough analysis and benchmark of global management practices and organizational structures for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities (CRE&F) organizations.

Report: Redevelopment – Leitfaden für den Umgang mit vorgenutzten Grundstücken und Gebäuden Members Only
In der Immobilienwirtschaft nimmt der Umgang mit Bestandssituationen und damit verbunden auch das Redevelopment von vor- bzw. aktuell nicht mehr genutzten Bestandsimmobilien (Grundstücken und Gebäuden) zu. Das „Bauen im Bestand“ mit dem Ziel einer Neunutzung derartiger Objekte ist keine Besonderheit mehr, sondern wird für alle Beteiligten der Immobilienwirtschaft zunehmend Bestandteil der täglichen Praxis.

Report: Global Capital Flows Q1 2016 report Members Only
This latest Global Capital Flows report reveals how a quick global recovery and unspent capital signal good news for commercial real estate.

Report: EMEA Corporate Occupier Conditions – Summer 2016 edition Members Only
"This summary of EMEA Occupier Conditions provides a macro level overview of real estate occupancy indicators in over 70 key EMEA office markets."

Report: National Industrial Market Report 1Q16 Members Only
Demand for industrial space during the first quarter exceeded the 50 million-square-foot threshold for the fifth time in the past six quarters.

Report: Asia Pacific Occupier Survey 2015/16 Members Only
Asia Pacific remains a key growth market for multinational companies but the economic slowdown in China has ushered in a period of more cautious business expansion.

Report: So You Think You Have a Strategy? Members Only
Strategy is an integrated, externally-oriented plan that guides how a business will achieve its objectives. When properly developed, strategy sets enterprise objectives, reveals the actions required to achieve those objectives, and aligns employees and resources against those actions.

Report: Healthcare Landscape Continues to Soar Members Only
Colliers’ analysis of the healthcare industry and its effect on commercial real estate in the U.S. points to a soaring healthcare landscape with expected increases in investment and further “retailization.” 

Report: The Wealth Report 2016 Members Only

The Wealth Report provides the global perspective on prime property and wealth. This annual publication includes performance data for 100 key global luxury property markets as well as the results of The Wealth Report Attitudes Survey and Knight Frank’s Global Cities Index.


Report: U.S. Placemaking 2016 Members Only
What is placemaking, and why are people talking about it in a retail real estate context? In planning and development circles, "placemaking" has long been used to describe a community-oriented approach to designing the built environment. The idea of engaging spaces has gained traction in retail real estate, where landlords, retailers and developers are looking for effective ways to attract consumers who have more shopping options than ever before. Our new report delves beyond simple design guidelines to define placemaking, identify its critical components and growth areas. Our analysis is based on three primary pillars of placemaking: 1. Diversification 2. Convenience 3. Experience

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