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Technology is one of the biggest disruptors for business worldwide. Corporate real estate (CRE) is not immune to the impact. How are CRE professionals navigating the constantly changing and shifting opportunities and challenges that technology can brinng.


This survey looked at the primary drivers of CRE outsourcing and what criteria CRE end users/occupiers use when selecting strategic service providers. The survey also addressed contractual structures, including questions on pricing, service level agreements, and gain-sharing provisions. Further questions delved into bundling preferences, procurement, and how vendors are managed.

From the perspective of service providers, the survey looked at the challenges of working with corporate clients, what kinds of pricing strategies are used, and what the ideal term for an outsourcing contract is.

White Paper: ISS - Key Factors Driving Growth in the Facility Managment Industry (in the past, present and future)

Worldwide, the facilities management (FM) outsourcing market is expected to grow from $959.2 billion in 2012 to $1.314 trillion in 2018 (ISS estimates based on third party data, (ISS A/S Prospectus, March 2014)). Growth is evident across all markets, from North America and Europe to Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Report: Benchcore - Virtual FTE Strategies' Benefits & Opportunities Members Only

A systematic and data-driven virtual-FTE strategy could lead to bigger opportunities to reduce overall space and cost.

White Paper: ISS - Key Ways for FM and CRE Professionals to Break the Barriers to a Sustainable Workplace

Without question sustainability has been, and will continue to be, an important trend over the next decade. Governments are enforcing sustainability initiatives and taking a proactive role in protecting the environment, while consumers increasingly grow their preference around brands that promote and act on societal sustainability and think more about humans than profits.

White Paper: ISS - The Mental Rebuild: How to Optimize the Workspace without Moving a Single Wall

Due to high competitive pressures in the global economies, an increasing number of organizations today face a growing need to move faster, adapt more quickly, embrace the dynamic demands and facilitate rapid learning and up-skilling.To match these needs, workplaces must deliver the flexibility desired at any given time.nThat degree of flexibility however can hardly be achieved by constant and cost-heavy rebuilds or redesigns of the physical workplace structures.Companies must lean towards more dynamic, cost-effective and valueadding approaches to adapt their spatial needs at any given time.

Report: Lease accounting compliance: An opportunity at work (Corporate Real Estate Journal V6 No.3)

The paper discusses the changes that the new IFRS and FASB lease accounting standards will impose on real estate lease practices. Their implications encompass more than merely reporting: it may well impact decision-making procedures as well as lease administration processes themselves. Consequence of this is that toolsets used for lease administration will have to be (re)assessed in light of the new requirements imposed. Next to discussing work packages involved, the authors identify value-adding potentials that projects for lease accounting compliance can provide for real estate professionals.

Report: Smart, connected and dangerous: Assessing the impact of digital business on real estate (Corporate Real Estate Journal V6 No.2)

‘Smart’ and ‘connected’ are adjectives that have leapt into heavy usage over the past several years in discussions of all manner of technology — beginning generally with advances in mobile phone technology but now expanding to virtually every category of household and business device. Everything from vacuum cleaners to heavy construction equipment is being enhanced with the ability to be programmed to behave in certain ways on highly customisable schedules; to communicate with their owners, manufacturers and service providers; and in an increasing number of cases, to learn based on the input received through sensors, meters and other measurement devices.

Report: Colliers International - Best practices for shifting to an experience-per-square-foot business strategy Members Only

In this second edition of our collaboration with GlobalData, we take a closer look at consumers. What drives them as shoppers? How do they view the shopping experience? Why do they make the shopping decisions they do?

Article: Steelcase - Creativity, Work and the Physical Environment Members Only

A new century is a pivot point for visionary new ideas, and within that context, the role of creativity in business has been a topic of growing interest and debate.

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