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Presentation: Ignite! Members Only
“Enlighten us, but make it quick!” is the motto of Ignite. Hear from industry experts as they share their thoughts and passions on concepts that may have a dramatic impact on corporate real estate as we know it -all within five minutes! Each speaker’s presentation will last just five minutes and uses the format of 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. Moderator: James Woodburn, Head of Real Estate, Asia Pacific, WPP. Speakers: Ming Lee Chua; Grant Morrison; Hayden Perkin; Frank Rexach; Albert So, Ph.D.

Presentation: The Productivity Imperative Members Only
Defining and capturing productivity improvements is a moving target. For CRE executives, the ability to drive improvements in business productivity is the key to aligning efforts with strategic direction. However, to capture senior leadership’s attention you must be able to measure and demonstrate this productivity contribution. This session shares insights from a survey of 20 leading companies’ CEOs - who share how they measure productivity in their organizations. The results reveal a surprising disconnect between the areas CEOs are focusing their attention and those areas where real estate can have the greatest productivity impact. A framework – developed from the survey results – will be presented that outlines four key areas that CRE executives can focus on in order to achieve immediate and substantial productivity gains. Speakers: Kate Langan; Richard Martin; Rajiv Nagrath; Aidan O’Meara; Tony Wyllie

Presentation: The Ultimate in Disruptive Change Surviving the Big Moves Members Only
How to Survive the Big Moves. If Bear Grylls hosted a show about corporate moves, it would probably look like this. Speakers: Jordan Kostelac; Martha McGilliard

Presentation: Wellness at Work Members Only
Many companies are currently discussing the benefits of wellness in the workplace with focus on health/wellbeing of employees as a 'bottom line' issue. The challenge is for many companies to build a strong business case to support an increased investment in employees wellness at work. In this session you will learn from two case studies where wellness concepts have been introduced in the workplace to increase productivity and engagement, and their impact has been accurately measured. Through innovative measuring techniques, E3’s highly accurate research, measured the positive impact on physical wellness (biometrics) on employees who were encouraged by their employers to change postures, stand and walk more at work. Haworth and E3 will share how bio-sensor technology was integrated into a 5 week study that was performed with Fujitsu Labs and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Speakers: Despina Katsikakis; Iolanda Meehan

Presentation: 2030: Insights on Work and Workplace in China Members Only
CBRE undertook a significant research into the future of work and workplace in 2030 – with particular focus on China and Asia in a global context. The research identified key business trends such as artificial intelligence, changing societal attitudes and the shared economy that will shape the future of workplaces, buildings and even how real estate is managed and procured. This session will share highlights of the research and then creative an interactive discussion with the audience on the impact of these trends in Asia and China. The research paper has stimulated extensive media debate globally and the panel discussion will make reference to what aspects have resonated with business leaders and typical workers – and views on the need for change in the workplace and real estate industries. Speakers: Peter Andrew, MCR; Martin Chen; Kevin Lee

Presentation: Attracting and Retaining CRE Professionals Members Only
You are a leader of a pool of vibrant and high demand talent. As a leader, how well can you answer these questions? Does your organisation have enough capability, in quality and quantity to achieve your strategy? If there is a talent gap, how can you recruit the right people in the first place? What will be the strongest or effective retention lever(s) that improve the retention of your top performers critical in driving business growth and result? While meeting current business needs, what do you need to plan for talent inventory for future? How can you ensure the right talent is in place to take your organisation to the next level? Speakers: Alice Law, DBA

Presentation: CRE 2.0: The Disruptive Role of Data and Analytics Members Only
The digital world in which we live and work is awash with data, and it is forecast to grow tenfold by 2020. Entire industries are being revolutionized by the use of data to make better informed decisions and there is no doubt that it is also redefining the CRE industry. Smart CRE decisions are increasingly based upon live, actionable data. Future best-in-class CRE teams will consider capturing, integrating and analysing data to be at the heart of their remit. The ability to connect this with data and analytics from elsewhere in the organization and generate potentially disruptive business insights provides a clear opportunity for CRE executives to elevate their role as an agent of change within the organization. Speakers: David Brown; Wayne Gearey, Ph.D.; Clement Teo

Presentation: Real Estate’s Impact on Human Capital Members Only
Gain the perspective of Human Capital experts as they debate and discuss how real estate impacts what most companies refer to as their most valuable asset: their people.  The session will focus on how Human Capital strategy shapes the working environment and will decipher what the good and bad outcomes are when change occurs.  Looking ahead to 2020 voice your opinions on what employees will expect; and how Human Capital and Real Estate experts can collaborate to yield the best results to attract and retain talent. Speakers: Jacqui Algar; Simone Beckenham; Lisa Cameron; Nikhilesh Mathur

Presentation: The Sensor Revolution Members Only
Sensor technology is revolutionizing the measurement of real occupancy per workspace every minute of the day. It has the capacity to evaluate workspace allocation, workplace strategy and real estate portfolio with more detailed and actual information than ever. But the real added value of this technology is not in evaluation of the past but managing the NOW. Technology can help to guide people to the right available workplace for the moment, find colleagues in a flexible office and improve the experience of the building user with 50% less space required. Speakers: David Stillebroer, MSc, MCR

Presentation: What’s changing? The Evolution of Global CRE Trends Members Only
Are you prepared for the future? Are you learning from your experiences and adapting to your environment, or are you locked into a path that is an inflexible as the physical real estate assets that you manage? Gain an unprecedented view into the current and future thinking of CRE executives spanning a seven-year period in this preview of JLL's third biennial Global Corporate Real Estate Trends report based on the survey responses from more than 600 CRE executives worldwide. Speakers: Iain Mackenzie, Head of Solutions Development, Asia Pacific, JLL; Douglas Beers; Scott Danley; Jordi Martin; John Romano; James Woodburn

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