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Case Study: Benchcore - Isolating CRE Cost Drivers Can Lead to Transformational Strategy Members Only

Corporate real estate managers start to become strategic leaders when they recognize their portfolios’ impact not only on real estate costs and financial performance but also on broader enterprise strategy. That’s one way to get closer to the proverbial seat at the table.

Presentation: Emerging Trends Learning Theater - Technology the ‘Minority Report’ Way Members Only

Wearables, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are all transforming every corner of our lives, professional and personal. They continue to expand, and you’ve seen the cool gadgets – Google Glass, smart watches, and all the other coolness that was in the Minority Report movie, remember that? Come hear how these cool technologies are impacting our lives!

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Presentation: Enabling the Cognitive + Digital Workforce Members Only

What are the challenges and opportunities related to future enterprise workforce strategy as emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continue to impact, develop and grow within all global enterprises? What is the growth and demand for digital talent within the global enterprise workforce of the future? What is the future impact of workforce automation? How can companies create successful strategies with the growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence, RPA, as well as Cognitive Computing technologies? This panel will discuss these pressing questions and will identify key critical success factors for digital workforce enablement.

Presentation: Corporate Real Estate Strategies: From Coworking to Crowdsourcing Members Only

In an era of consumer-centric business models and dramatic technology advancements, there is now greater demand and opportunity for real estate to impact business and occupant performance. Organizations like Mozilla and Verizon are leveraging their physical environments as a platform for internal innovation and external brand leadership by incorporating forward-thinking, user-centric approaches to workplace design and real estate strategy. Mozilla's Workplace Resources team is a testbed of discovery, supporting an emerging typology where workspace facilitates commitment and sharing rather than just commerce. Verizon seeks to transform its business from an infrastructure of copper and fiber to a connected innovation platform. Verizon's Global Real Estate team is repurposing legacy assets to create coworking spaces that tap into the innovation and energy of entrepreneurs and start-ups across the world. In these emergent approaches real estate leaders are addressing the changing economy by incorporating disruptive strategies to transform real estate from a bottom line savings to a catalyst for people and business performance.

Presentation: Open Office Overload - Solutions for Minimizing Noise and Visual Distractions Members Only

What happens when culture and organizational goals call for an open work environment, but people still need to reduce distractions to get work done? The trend of less individual space, increased transparency and the shift to more community geared toward collaboration has required that companies consider both acoustics & visual distractions in the workplace. Capital One conducts continued assessment of our workspaces through a robust Test & Learn program. Our findings support that noise, visual distraction, and reduced privacy continue to be areas that influence Associate satisfaction scores related to the workplace. As a company that regularly ranks in both Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Companies to work for AND Coolest places to work, how can Capital One's Workplace Solutions (WPS) team provide tactical solutions to reduce the impacts of audible and visual distractions in a 10 million SF portfolio? How can the lessons learned from our robust Test & Learn culture help you influence future design and furniture decisions to positively influence the effectiveness of our work environments? Join us to learn how WPS approaches this opportunity to enhance satisfaction by shaping the physical environment, challenge traditional design, and deliver a highly supportive and flexible environment.

Presentation: Careers Learning Theater - A Success Story: The University of Washington Runstad Center and Washington State Chapter Members Only

Scholarships, shared vision and collaboration are key to the successful 6 year working relationship with University of Washington’s Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies and the Washington State Chapter. This exceptional partnership has grown and in the Fall of 2017 a new Department of Real Estate (undergrad and graduate programs) will be launched. Discover the steps taken by the Chapter to support this growth and the placement of graduates in several CRE departments of large corporations locally and internationally.

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Presentation: The Agility Mandate: Empowering CRE Organizations to Support Dynamic Businesses Members Only

Across CRE sectors and regions, executives are in a race to maintain and grow market share amid rapidly changing realities brought on by the global economy, technological progress, and employee expectations. In turn, CRE executives are increasingly looking to align themselves to trending themes of enhanced collaboration, innovation, speed-to-solution, and asset-light strategies. Each of these mandate a shift toward more agile CRE team structures and portfolios capable of transforming with today’s dynamic business environment.

Presentation: Technology Playground - Data DNA: Static Reports versus Dynamic Data Members Only

4tell’s Asset Lifecycle Platform (ALP) is an open, inter-operable platform which breaks down barriers by connecting disparate point systems used by different departments to better facilitate collaboration between tactical operations and strategic capital planning. Specifically our technology supports work flows to optimize business processes. This discussion will show how 4tell’s™ Capital Investment Strategy Module is fed from Mobile Assessment Applications and enriched with Work Order information to provide financially defensible business intelligence.

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Presentation: Emerging Trends Learning Theater - Technology of the Future, Now: AI on Your Devices Members Only

Artificial intelligence is no longer reserved for sci-fi movies. More and more apps powered by AI are becoming available for download on your phone! Come learn about what’s out and how you can start incorporating AI technology into your life right now.

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Presentation: Your Must-Have Productivity Apps - For Work + Life Members Only

You hear about new apps every single second of the day. Life is too short and data is too precious. So which ones do you download? Which ones work and don’t, and more importantly, how would they work for your needs? All of these questions and more will be answered in this session. Discover great apps that can rock your world! We’ll share the apps, and show you exactly how to use them. This will include helpful apps that are handy while you’re on the road and apps for work-life balance.

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