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Report: Executive Summary - Literature Review: Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (Strategy & Portfolio Planning Knowledge Community) Members Only
Big data is increasingly becoming a key part of the corporate real estate profession with the basic premise that better measurement leads to better management. Metrics also play an increasingly important role in supporting key decision making. To that end, a recent report by Robert G. Schuur, a former corporate real estate leader who is currently a doctoral student in the Organizational Leadership program at Pepperdine University, takes an in-depth view of performance management and key performance indicators (KPIs). The paper discusses notable research findings, provides an overview of performance management systems, benchmarking and the balanced scorecard approach and makes recommendations for further reading on this topic.

Report: Measuring Knowledge Worker Productivity Members Only
In 2013 and 2014, a research team formed by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) and the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) set out to determine what is known about effectively measuring knowledge worker productivity. Allsteel was one of the sponsors of this important work. AWA, a London-based workplace strategy consultancy, partnered with CEBMa, an Amsterdam-based organization who “researches” research, to undertake a critical appraisal of the best available academically rigorous evidence about how the productivity of knowledge workers can be measured – reliably and with validity.

Report: New York Corporate Real Estate Forum September 2015 Summary Members Only
As part of our new Strategic Insights Series, CoreNet Global’s Corporate Real Estate Forums replace Discovery Forums and elevate the conversation beyond real estate alone. We’re bringing you expert speakers on today’s most pressing business challenges: Talent, Risk, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology, and more. They’ll not only give you the latest insights on these crucial topics, but tell you what it all means for corporate real estate management.

Presentation: Strategic Alignment Members Only
Presented at the September 2015 Corporate Real Estate Forum

Presentation: Enabling a Safer Digital World Members Only
With connected technologies and devices increasing the likelihood of exposure to cybercrime, how can we enable a safer, more trusted world through improved cybersecurity? This session focuses on some of the specific threats and risks facing the real estate sector and provide a view on steps real estate executives can take to offer a safer digital environment.

Presentation: Accelerating Collaboration: The Francis Crick Institute Members Only
Launching in 2015, The Francis Crick Institute embodies the theme disruptive innovation: the business of change. The institute will be an inter-disciplinary medical research centre that is a unique partnership between six of the UK's most successful scientific institutions. It is a prime example of academics collaborating for the development of greater medical science developments. Established as a charity, the institute will be one of the most significant developments in UK biomedical science. This research centre is breaking the sector mould with different organisation co-locating, collaborating and sharing intellectual capital in a collaborative environment.

Presentation: Africa's Technology Boom: How advances in technology are helping Africa deliver on its promises Members Only
The implementation of new technologies is helping to accelerate the economic development of Africa. Through the deployment of new mobile networks and broadband technologies African countries are leapfrogging the costly and timely investment in fixed line / copper networks to better enable communications and e-commerce across the region which is directly contributing to the speed of advancements in all aspects of commercial and social life enabling diversification away from an unhealthy reliance on natural resources.

Presentation: Client Relationship Management 3.0: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution Members Only
You've built a CRM team. They are connected to the business and helping drive strategy. But business is dynamic and strategy shifts and real estate projects take a long time to deliver. You risk damaging everything you worked for if your team cannot shift too. This break-out session explores the rarely discussed and often over-looked world between strategy and execution and the feedback loops necessary to avoid delivering a product to your client that is mis-aligned with their business strategy on the date of delivery. In this session you will learn the fundamental elements of strategic execution and how you can apply these in your own organization. You will come away with the ability to articulate to your team not only the importance of "executing strategically" but also how to do it and who must be involved. Take your organization to the next level by understanding the roles that all functions must play.

Presentation: Gender Balance and the Link to Business Performance Members Only
In today's increasingly complex and interdependent global economy, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative that can drive an organization's ability to attract and develop the best talent, create an engaged and high-performing workforce, and deliver exceptional results for clients and customers. To remain competitive, organizations must continually evolve their focus and adjust their strategies to anticipate changing workplace and marketplace demands. Diversity and inclusion also has a significant impact on business performance.

Presentation: What’s Changing?The Evolution of Global CRE Function Members Only
How well are CRE executives prepared for the future? Are you learning from our experiences and adapting to your environment, or locked into a path that leaves you as inflexible as the physical real estate assets that you manage? JLL's third biennial Global Corporate Real Estate Trends report will provide an unprecedented view into the current and future thinking of CRE executives spanning a seven-year period. In this session, participants get a perspective into the survey responses from almost 550 CRE executives worldwide.

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