Balancing future-proofing and future-defining the workplace

Balancing future-proofing and future-defining the workplace

October 2021

The reality of our time is that many organisations have had to respond quickly to the pandemic and inevitably are in the position of future-proofing for the next normal, and even the next world-changing event. As a leader, I often get asked and think about the future of my corporate real estate team and of DBS. This is true now more than ever, as the pandemic has shaken up the role that offices play in our lives. We often regard the pandemic as something that happens to us. Is there a way we can use the change the pandemic has wrought to make lives better? How do we plan to get ahead with all the uncertainties and unknowns?


Keywords: Erwin Chong, The LEADER/The Source, Future-proofing, Workplace, DBS Bank, Leadership

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