Leading An Active Recovery

Leading An Active Recovery

June 2021

From our "Data's Role in Evolving Workplace Decisions" Thought Leader Partner, Cushman and Wakefield.

Leading an Active Recovery shows how an Agile approach can engage the C-suite in real estate decisions that balance the codependent – and often contradictory – needs for efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.

Now that we’ve all experienced working and managing during the pandemic, as real estate leaders, how can we turn those experiences into a better workplace experience going forward? In this constantly changing situation, how can leaders boldly embrace the uncertainty, understand the expectations of employees and manage the risks of both action and inaction?

For more on this report on Cushman and Wakefield's site, click here.

Keywords: Thought Leader Partner, Cushman and Wakefield, Data, Evolving Workplace Decisions, Agile,

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