The Subtle Art of Understanding Gen Z and Millennials

The Subtle Art of Understanding Gen Z and Millennials

January 2021

Much has been said about how Gen Z represents a new kind of generation: digital natives drastically different even from Millennials. Are they really any different? How have they been shaped by and responded to new technology,  recent history,  and a shifting economy? What are the implications for the workplace of the future? What can we do to build a truly thriving work environment that is meaningful,  engaging,  and productive for all generations? 


Keywords: Taylor Hick, CBRE; Cristina Banks, PhD, University of California, Berkeley; Ray Milora, cisco; Stefanie Spurlin, MCR, Capital One; Khari Buck, Cruise LLC, NA Summit 2020, Gen Z, Millennials, Workplace, Communication, NA Summit 2020

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