Recognising the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace – The Human Experience

Recognising the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace – The Human Experience

January 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic there is has been a remarkable level of appreciation shown globally for healthcare professionals and other essential workers. This includes the workplace and facilities management professionals who kept buildings open, clean, and safe. The importance of these essential workers to society and the economy cannot be overstated. This thought-provoking discussion will examine different approaches how organisations recognise these employees. Are the delivery of workplace experience services a strategic enabler of for the corporate workplace model or as a commodity to be procured at the lowest possible rate? The session will be a unique opportunity to consider the human aspects of how workplace and facilities management services and talent is procured and managed by corporates and service providers. Join us to recognise and thank the unsung heroes. 


Keywords: EMEA Live 2020, Andrew Hallissey, Colliers International; Daaf Serné, MCR, ServiceNow, Inc.; Sylvia Metayer, Sodexo; Rakesh Kishan, Transcent Management Consulting, LLC; Michael Davidson, JPMorgan Chase; Darryl Prince, ISS Facility Services, Heroes, Workplace, Human Experience, COVID-19, Service Delivery, Facilities Management

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