Workplace Ecosystems Of The Future

Workplace Ecosystems Of The Future

January 2021

From our Thought Leader Partner, Cushman & Wakefield.

One thing is clear: the purpose of the office workplace is changing. The pandemic induced WFH experiment has altered perspectives on work, flexibility and the office. When we get to the other side of this experience and COVID-19 is no longer a lingering health concern, no one is expecting workers to come into the office to primarily answer emails—that and any other heads-down tasks can be done anywhere. So, what purpose does the office serve in the future? How will that purpose impact how occupiers think about their portfolio footprints, location strategy and office layouts? What are the implications of the changing nature of office on office owners, corporate users and civic leaders? How much WFH penetration should we expect? What are the variables that impact WFH penetration? In examining these questions, this report lays out potential outcomes of the future of office.

Keywords: Cushman & Wakefield, Workplace, Ecosystem, work from home

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