The Changing Face of an Industry UK Flex Market Review

The Changing Face of an Industry UK Flex Market Review

December 2020

The Flex Market Review this year takes on new resonance. For operators and clients alike this year has proved extremely challenging and with a very palpable sense of significant change in the future of the office market. In this year’s review, we have endeavoured to look at some of the key trends from both market perspectives of supplier and end user, and to try and unpick what the data is showing us. We would add that it is still very early to make sweeping judgements as to the future of the office market, but it seems certain that the way space is procured and used is changing.

Read on to see how the last year has changed the supply of flexible workspace, how demand trends have radically shifted, and to try and dispel a few of the myths that have circulated about the market since the Spring.


Keywords: The Instant Group, UK, Flexible Space

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