Work At Home: Ergonomic Tips For Working From Home

Work At Home: Ergonomic Tips For Working From Home

November 2020

Working from home could become a challenge for many who used to go to the office every day. The furnishings, technology and the interior design of the environment can play a substantial role in making the change as pleasant as possible. In order to keep healthy at work in the home office, it is important to take the organization of the work place and ergonomics into account. Work-asutra is the study of postures at work. An awareness and understanding of the different postures at work can help us to be more active and contribute to enhanced wellbeing. Read for some tips on how to be more effective in the home office, to take care of yourself and to keep healthy at work.


Keywords: Work from home, Ergonomics, Sedus, Health, Wellbeng, Wellness

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