Navigating Your Future Workplace: A Roadmap

Navigating Your Future Workplace: A Roadmap

November 2020

In the first half of 2020, there was a massive global shift in the way many people work. Many thought that this would be temporary, and that people would return to the pre-COVID-19 status quo as soon as they had the opportunity. It is now becoming apparent that these changes may endure. Organizations and their employees are now considering how the workplace needs to evolve.

Despite the challenges inherent in sharing space while still protecting wellness, the demand for the physical office has not gone away. Particularly in service industries, people miss face-to-face meetings. Difficulties in cross-functional collaboration and in maintaining a shared organizational culture while distributed are sure to continue to motivate people to reenter the office.


Keywords: Future of the Workplace, Melissa Marsh, Amy Rosen, COVID-19, Health and Safety, The LEADER, Plastarc

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