CoRE 2010 Integrated Resource & Infrastructure Solutions

CoRE 2010 Integrated Resource & Infrastructure Solutions

January 2004

CoreNet Global's Corporate Real Estate 2010 (CoRE 2010) program is nothing if not an urgent call for resource and infrastructure leaders to help their corporations weather a powerful storm of forces that most believe is already brewing. Industry restructuring, technology breakthroughs, and continuing waves of globalization are among the many converging forces that are challenging the very survival of many corporations - and are profoundly altering the demand equation for corporate resources and infrastructure. This research report is available for purchase from the CoreNet Global Online Bookstore. Join CoreNet Global to view this document for free!

Keywords: CoRE 2010, research report, IRIS, infrastructure, globalization, corporate performance, service provider, outsource, cost, stakeholder, process, performance measurement, collaboration, risk, change management, silo, trend, network, workplace, balanced sco

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