Innovation Learning Theater - Robotics and Automation for Corporate Real Estate

Innovation Learning Theater - Robotics and Automation for Corporate Real Estate

October 2019

SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) will share the current state of robotics and automation at large and the impact it will have on the ecosystem of connected buildings and smart cities. As the CRE industry sees significant changes in the way buildings are used and the expectations of the workforce, CRE professionals demand innovation that can keep up without increasing costs. SBRA realizes the immense future opportunities for robotics and AI to drive productivity across all industries and has already demonstrated this impact in areas such as retail, finance, and healthcare. Already, Pepper, SBRA's humanoid robot, has proven to enhance the employee and customer experience, while also generating meaningful new customer interactions and product promotions–both of which help drive more business. Later this year, SBRA will be announcing new products that speak to the broad range of automation opportunities, especially for CRE professionals, including robot specifically for commercial buildings. SBRA will discuss the responsibility robotics companies have to stop developing products in a vacuum and figure out how their products can work-- across various platforms and with other products-- to make AI truly functional and augment the current industry workforce and corporate real estate innovation at large.

Keywords: Robotics & Automation, OrangeCounty2019

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