Wellness Learning Theater - How Wellness at Work Drives Profits

Wellness Learning Theater - How Wellness at Work Drives Profits

October 2019

Among the newest essential components of workplace wellness are biophilia and mindfulness, which work together to provide building occupants with a calming connection to their natural environment through thoughtful, nature-inspired design strategies. As these workplace wellness topics continue to dominate office design and development conversations, corporate real estate professionals are increasingly eager to make the business case for places that support the health and experiences of their employees. In this Wellness Learning Theater, discover the financial impact high performance buildings can have on your organization based on enhanced occupant experience and engagement. Through existing research framed in innovative ways, this session will enable corporate occupiers to assign an actual dollar value to productivity, health, and retention gains that can be achieved through human-centric design strategies like biophilic design, making the financial case for high performance buildings.

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