Engage Studio - Healthy Buildings: The Biology, Physics, and Epistemology of the new design process.

Engage Studio - Healthy Buildings: The Biology, Physics, and Epistemology of the new design process.

October 2019

Our industry is quickly shifting to one that demands health-related data analytics to prove the existence of healthy employee experiences. HDR, Delos and the Gilead will provide insight into how to integrate health into design by examining the biology, physics, and measured impacts of Healthy Buildings.   First, we will examine the basic Healthy Building concepts and how they can affect our human biology through impacts on the respiratory, auditory, skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. Audience feedback on key concepts will be requested to ensure that participants have a shared understanding of healthy design and operational concepts.  Second, we will discuss the constraints that design puts on incorporating research on human biology in buildings into practice.  HDR will illustrate its parametric Health and Wellness Tool that is used to verify health metrics associated with light, acoustics, comfort and biophilia. The tools will be presented with project case studies from Gilead. Gilead will present the design and business philosophy behind their design standards that focus on the health and wellness of their employees. From a client's perspective, the idea of wellness requires justification to ensure healthy and productive employees. Employee EXPERIENCE from a wellness perspective will be discussed.  Using Gilead projects  as a launching point, we will dive in to methods used to evaluate health impacts of the built environment, as well as inherent tensions between design research and biomedical/public health research. Several specific examples will be based on empirical data collected by Delos and HDR Research. Audience input after the research discussion will focus on 'Proving the Health Experience'.

Keywords: Workplace, Wellness, orangecounty2019

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