Lessons from Scheduling NFL Games for Workplace Planning

Lessons from Scheduling NFL Games for Workplace Planning

October 2019

AI-optimized solutions are used in many different disciplines, from flight scheduling to distribution and retail site selection, and even scheduling NFL games. But organizations have been slow to adopt these approaches for better workplace and real estate planning and management. AI tools now enable space planners to instantly access facility data, develop comprehensive real estate and workplace scenario plans, organize complex moves with ease, and evaluate real estate usage to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. Results often find millions in overlooked cost savings and productivity improvements. But AI can't do everything. This session is part panel and interactive roundtable discussions. Gain insights on how organizations evaluate qualitative considerations that are key components of the employee experience and information to find the best workplace solutions using AI techniques during roundtable discussions with your peers.

Keywords: Problem Solving; Workplace; Technology; OrangeCounty2019

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