Brain Power: Using Neuroscience to Design Work Experiences

Brain Power: Using Neuroscience to Design Work Experiences

September 2019

In a creative and knowledge economy, the biggest part of employee's experience is invisible -- it's going on inside their heads. The increasing pace of work, volume of information, and complexity of business demands more from employee's brains. Workers appreciate a work environment that allows them to focus, create, and get work done. But how much of workplaces today have been designed with the brain in mind? What does it mean to support employees in their critical and creative thinking? In this interactive session, you will be led through three mini-experiences that illustrate recent scientific experiments about the optimal environmental conditions for different cognitive functions. Space design can help or hinder the ability to focus, be creative, and maintain energy.  Learn the science behind these experiences and practical design interventions that can support the performance of your most important resource – your people.

Keywords: Workplace; Employee Engagement; Amsterdam2019

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