Engage Studio: Activity-Based Working and the Workplace Experience

Engage Studio: Activity-Based Working and the Workplace Experience

September 2019

If you love frameworks, canvases, idea cards, post-its and group work to spark discussion and ideas to take back home, then this workshop is for you! It will focus on how real estate professionals can prepare for the changing needs of a digitally enabled and mobile workforce; who share and need access to resources, spaces, services and information - inside and outside the office, on the go. The 21st century knowledge worker, the modern 'knowmad' is on the move. Working in many different locations across the day, new activity-based needs for work settings are emerging that are fit for purpose and differing cognitive needs. How is the physical, digital, social and personal employee experience different for agile workers, when it comes to anywhere, anytime, any device working? What metrics can be used for evaluating experience? Let's discover how to improve every-day employee experience! 

Keywords: Internet of Things; Workplace; Wellness; Amsterdam2019

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