Cards for Humanity, Top Trumps & Lego: Creative Gaming Strategies

Cards for Humanity, Top Trumps & Lego: Creative Gaming Strategies

September 2019

Immersive, highly interactive and fun!! A 'gaming' experience and masterclass demonstrating techniques as to how, even among the most diverse of stakeholder groups or teams, great ideas grow and rapid consensus or alignment can be made, even perhaps on the most mundane of projects or tasks. Whether delivering the most advanced workplaces or simply looking for new options to solve everyday challenges, the conditions we create for ourselves and others in those moments is the difference between getting stuff done and getting awesome stuff done! Reaching alignment across diverse stakeholders can be time consuming, complex and a significant barrier to success especially if considering, but not limited to, workplace design and operations. Gaming, having fun, being different often provides the spark! 

Keywords: Sustainability; Wellness; Amsterdam2019

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