Prepped Cities: We Cannot Predict But We Can Prepare

Prepped Cities: We Cannot Predict But We Can Prepare

March 2019

Disaster doesn't wait. How prepared are you? In today's world staying safe is becoming increasingly complex. Creating safe environments can be a real differentiator for those looking to invest in or attract talent to cities, certain neighbourhoods and companies. Whether chaos is caused by mother earth or is man-made, preparedness is key. What are the things you should do to be as disaster proof as possible? The Prepped Cities Index will help you understand how prepared and safe we are at the city, building and operational level in some of the most popular business locations across Asia Pacific. This is an opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking discussion of what must happen to ensure the necessary processes/backups are in place if an event occurs.

Keywords: Safety, Preparedness, HongKong2019, APAC

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