Human-Centric Metrics Determine the True Value of Space

Human-Centric Metrics Determine the True Value of Space

March 2019

Financial metrics are the key drivers of commercial real estate strategy, but this single focus on budget can impact the quality of project outcomes and the well-being of occupants suffer. While economics matters, it is certainly possible to reconcile economics with interior design that is intelligent, interesting, and human-centered. If we focus on environmental and human-centric metrics--in addition to the financial ones--we can begin to shift the way we think about and value space. By moving away from the simplistic measure of "how much space costs" toward the more complex determination of "how space can support human capital", we can make the reasonable argument that good design falls on the positive side of the balance sheet.

Keywords: Wellness, Human-centric Design, APAC, HongKong2019

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