Be An Outsider At Work with Leigh Stringer (Podcast)

Be An Outsider At Work with Leigh Stringer (Podcast)

March 2019

We spend 95% of our waking hours indoors, and half of those hours are at work. We are more productive, more creative, less stressed and happier outside. It just makes sense. Being outdoors puts us in touch with the way we spent most of our days until just a few hundred years ago. It's time we got outdoors more during the workday, not just evenings and weekends. To encourage this, L.L.Bean just launched the first-ever outdoor co-working space in New York City’s Madison Square Park, complete with individual work spaces, collaborative "rooms" and even a bike conference table. Discover more about the new working outdoor movement in this timely session.

Keywords: Podcast, workplace, What's Next?

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