Against All Odds: Designing for Change amidst Uncertainty

Against All Odds: Designing for Change amidst Uncertainty

October 2018

In 2016 McKesson with the help of CBRE and ASD|SKY, embarked on an 11-month mission to implement new workplace guidelines, design an inspiring workplace, and build out the 525,000 square foot campus. This session will provide an interactive look at how these goals were accomplished in such a short period of time and provide strategies to take back to their organizations. Through a brief introduction and group participation, a discovery process will reveal how to transition from an existing work environment to a forward thinking, connected environment. An interactive exercise will help you understand how to visually represent change, how new types of spaces can result in the utilization of less square footage and increase the speed of delivery. The session will offer tips on achieving employee engagement, how to incorporate technology and how to be agile.  

Keywords: Boston2018, workplace, change management

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