Millipore Sigma's Plan to Solve the Unknown

Millipore Sigma's Plan to Solve the Unknown

October 2018

Millipore Sigma leveraged an approach typical in 'Systems Biology' to develop a corporate real estate strategy which is proactive, predictive and flexible. The multi-disciplinary team included scientists, finance, legal, business and strategy personnel who were tasked with the predicting the future needs of not only the organization, but of the larger and rapidly changing life science industry. The team's expertise included artificial intelligence, robotics, process engineering and cellular biology to develop a CRE strategy that is a 'living organism' and allows the organization to symptomatically solve any 'business ' problem while maintaining an efficient and effective RE portfolio. See how this approach resulted in a state-of-the-art 350,000 sf build-to-suit facility which was planned and designed at a time when a corporate decision had not been made as to the constituency of this state-of the-art facility.


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