Buildings 2050: The Cognitive Building and Digital Twins

Buildings 2050: The Cognitive Building and Digital Twins

October 2018

Buildings are getting smarter. In theory, with the advent of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, the older a building gets the smarter it should become! This is obviously at odds with our current older buildings, with only new buildings being deemed smart. So, just how smart could buildings get in the future? IBM's Internet of Things division will look at innovations taking place today, and where they think they will lead us in the coming decades. The session will explore how the buildings of the future will have 'digital twins' and use 'fluid spaces' and 'cognitive concierges' as they collaborate with other buildings to create 'cognitive campuses.' All this is with one goal in mind - how do we ensure that building users are effective, productive and happy in their workplace whatever their role? This discussion will delve into how clients are using the IoT to develop valuable next-generation services for their industries that are already pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, cognitive solutions, dark data, augmented reality and blockchain. 

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