Moving to Leadership in More Sustainably Healthy Workplaces Worldwide

Moving to Leadership in More Sustainably Healthy Workplaces Worldwide

October 2018

Business success increasingly relies on healthy, satisfied and productive knowledge workers. Business managers are tasked with optimizing employee experience and implementing programs that advance the well-being, and thus the work-effectiveness, of employees. How can Corporate Real Estate, Design and Sustainability managers better integrate health and wellness into their workplace design and management strategies? Connecting the workplace environment, including indoor air quality, lighting, connections to nature, nutrition, active design, etc., directly to employee outcomes, such as improved productivity, turnover rates, absenteeism and health costs, has been a challenge. Advancing technologies and pilot programs, however, have yielded compelling results regarding the benefits of workplaces designed and managed to certain standards of health and wellness. This session will outline these standards, wellness certifications and frameworks, such as WELL, Fitwel, and LEED.

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