Teen Social Practices and the Future of Work

Teen Social Practices and the Future of Work

October 2018

Do you wonder what the teens in your life are doing on their screens? It's possible they are defining the future of work right in front of us. Through gaming and social networking, kids are learning in real time; they are learning leadership skills, management skills, business philosophy, financial strategy, economic behaviorism, social dynamics, motivational psychology, design thinking, environmentalism, and creative and critical thinking. Let's imagine together for a moment. If many us come into the lecture hall environment of a convention center and engage in sharing ideas about what is collectively going on around us, we can move forward able to help our organizations advance in their thinking, expand in their preparation, and believe in greater values in preparation for the renewed paradigm shifts fast approaching. By using simple display thinking tools, this session will pose future focused questions designed to tender a new form of value in connecting workplace to the coming nature of work. 

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