Workplace 911: NOT So Best Practices Revealed

Workplace 911: NOT So Best Practices Revealed

October 2018

Enough talk about all of the best practices for workplace provisioning and the trendy articles that reveal the secrets for a sought after workplace. Where's the Cliff Notes on what NOT to do? What constitutes calling 911 for workplace planning issues? What did the companies that made the best practices in workplace list do along the way that they learned to never repeat again? We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We must understand the emotions inherently involved if we modify where someone spends most of their time and proceed with meaningful management of expectations. It is important to think about what other changes are being implemented at the same time, before, or after the workplace change so there is not 'change fatigue' in the workplace. Changes in business processes, methods for decision making, and technology enhancements, all have an impact on the appetite for workplace changes.

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