The Coming Labor and Location Challenges Posed by 'Industry 4.0'

The Coming Labor and Location Challenges Posed by 'Industry 4.0'

October 2018

The fourth industrial revolution, often called 'Industry 4.0', is a new era in which corporate activity is increasingly digital. Technological advances allow for more and faster data collection and analysis, wireless connectivity and mobility, automation, virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and new human-machine interactions. As technology continues to evolve and the adoption rate of innovations increases, disruption to current workforces and future labor markets is expected to be one of the greatest challenges to predict, manage, and mitigate. This session will examine impacts on corporate functions as they are expected to occur in different locations and within specific real estate asset types. The requirement for corporate and governmental responses to labor market dislocation and needs (e.g. upskilling, reskilling, relocation) will also be explored.

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