Disruptive Design as a Tool for Future Change

Disruptive Design as a Tool for Future Change

September 2018

In recent years, 'disruption' has been a buzzword in the tech industry, but what does it actually mean, and how can it be applied to workplace design? We will demonstrate how a non-linear design process helped designers to 'fail fast', and encouraged them to be braver, and learn at pace.  A client with whom one can work together, over many years and projects, is the ideal scenario for many designers – establish trust and you can open the door to new opportunities for innovation. But nothing stands still, and a client's vision, goals, and needs will change. How does one continue to create innovative solutions for a client, whilst reflecting their constantly evolving spirit? We believe the answer lies in applying processes and drivers from the Tech Sector to the workplace.  In this detailed case study, Elvira will explore a working relationship with Accenture Spain that spanned seven projects over just three years, and how she drew on the 'agile working' methodology developed in the tech world, infusing this into her process of working with the client. Elvira's challenge to Accenture was 'let's risk together', and alongside multiple, regular interactions with the client, led to a powerful feedback loop, the co-creation of workplace design and real, lasting change.  In Elvira's dynamic and interactive session, she will delve into the Accenture journey, from early Innovation Hub days to walking through Liquid Space Labs, bringing the audience up to date into an immersive tool for fueling creativity and driving recruitment. She will bring in key speakers from Accenture using video link-ups to connect with a diverse group of stakeholders and sponsors of the projects. She will bring the case study to life both in person and digitally.

Keywords: Disruptive Design, Madrid2018, EMEA 2018

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