Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and the Applications for CRE

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and the Applications for CRE

September 2018

The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies has reached global pitch with the value of Bitcoin increasing over 1,000% in the past few years. As speculators & investors cash-in on the rapid rise in the price of cryptocurrencies, the question remains as to whether there might be practical, real-world application for this emerging technology. Many experts believe that the value of these new 'digital coins' lies not in their purchasing power, but in the blockchain technology that powers their platform. A blockchain is a list of records which are linked by protocols designed to ensure the security, authenticity and integrity of data. Blockchains can record transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way, which could provide real application for the commercial real estate industry. Join this diverse group of industry experts as they look to exploit the uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies while uncovering practical applications for blockchain technology.

Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Madrid2018, EMEA 2018

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