The Gen Z Worksphere

The Gen Z Worksphere

September 2018

Our workplace is not a 'place' any more. What we do and where we store information is mostly no longer in a physical place but in a digital one. After ABW, Piazzas and havens, we're now heading toward empowering third places like harbors, restaurants and 'Botteghe'. The new trend is fluid, hybrid spaces, able to support us while creating, producing, learning and cross-fertilizing. How much of this is driven by Gen Z? If Gen Z seems to prefer virtual environments to real ones, their main desire is for the most seamless and empowering experience possible. In the 'workspheres', then, every digital improvement has to be implemented according to the company needs, but also with an humanistic approach for the purpose of attracting and retaining Gen Z. 

Keywords: Gen Z, workspere, Madrid2018, EMEA 2018

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