Putting people first: the value of user-centred design

Putting people first: the value of user-centred design

September 2018

This session will explore the latest developments in user-centred design, and how Virtual Reality (VR) technologies can be leveraged to truly 'put people first' when designing new spaces.  There is a growing awareness of the need to design spaces for people. But it is surprisingly rare for users to be meaningfully involved in, and throughout, the design process. Developments in VR technology are opening up new opportunities for user-centred design – by enabling end users to experience and feedback upon designs as they are being developed. Putting people at the heart of a design project, and designing with, as well as for them, not only ensures a space that really works, it also creates a truly engaged community of users.

Keywords: Madrid2018, virtual reality, EMEA 2018

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