The Hundred Year Life

The Hundred Year Life

April 2018

Does living to 100 excite you or fill you full of dread? In a 'hundred year life' health matters more than ever. Emerging evidence suggest that people are living longer and predict that a child born in 2007 has a 50% chance of living to 104 years old. How will you spend all these extra years and what impact will the buildings and healthy habits have on your ability to live a productive and fulfilling life? This new opportunity is countered by the emergence of lifestyle disease including stress which has the potential to limit our productive years. Duncan will share his workplace health evidence on the two most important areas, namely, sedentary habits of knowledge workers and impacts of stress in workplace. Some volunteers will be offered the opportunity to wear the biofeedback devices during the conference to understand and improve their own health and wellbeing as well as receive simple takeaway pack to implement health into the workplace.

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Keywords: Singapore2018, APAC 2018

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