The Nature of Adaptive Change Leadership

The Nature of Adaptive Change Leadership

April 2018

Change is never easy. In our roles, we are often asked to ‘fix’ a problem, when we know it’s not about a new structure or a new set up.  Often the success of the change execution requires a new way of looking and doing by everyone involved. This session highlights the different natures of technical vs. adaptive challenges making us more aware of the needs for adaptive work where it’s complex, multi-factorial and there is no single answer. Rather it is typically more about trade-offs which are by their nature ‘grey’. Adaptive challenges have multiple competing forces, and often involve a major human component.  This session will help you lead adaptive changes and explore the answer to: “How can I mobilise my organisation to adapt its behaviours in order to thrive in new business environments?”

Speakers: Echo Yu

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Keywords: Singapore2018, APAC 2018, leadership

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