Occupant-Driven Technologies for Showcasing Workplace Performance

Occupant-Driven Technologies for Showcasing Workplace Performance

April 2018

Although we've anticipated intelligent buildings for a number of years, the technology to collect real-time information and user feedback is finally here. Is our industry leveraging these perspectives to design and operate responsive spaces? Driven by sustainability and wellness goals and occupant expectations, cutting edge organizations are starting to explore the best ways to allow for real-time dynamic operation of buildings that incorporate and respond to the occupant perspective. By exploring the use of occupant-centric technology in the workplace, this session will showcase how spatial and social data can help both build the business case for and measure the success of more people-centric environments. The diverse panel will present case material and research results of occupant-centered technology as a tool for navigating facilities management effectively. The panelists will share observations of HP's new Singapore office and Comfy client sites.

Speakers: Mary Curtiss, Chris Hallas, & Melissa Marsh

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Keywords: Singpore2018, APAC 2018, summit, workplace

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