Buckle up for the Belt and Road Initiative

Buckle up for the Belt and Road Initiative

April 2018

The $8 trillion question: "What is the Belt and Road initiative?" It's a confusing name, but it could turn out to be the largest ever infrastructure project with close to a trillion dollars being invested across the globe. The much-talked-about Belt and Road (B&R) initiative is a massive infrastructure and economic development plan put forward by President Xi Jinping. At an estimated investment cost of up to US$8 trillion, the initiative centres on connectivity and cooperation between China and Eurasian countries via the overland "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road". Since its announcement in 2013, the B&R initiative has garnered a huge amount of interest in China and across the globe. Countless governments, Chinese corporates and overseas-based corporates have all expressed a willingness to get involved in this massive infrastructure plan, which will be built to ease connectedness and better facilitate global trade. When pieced together, the B&R initiative will be one of the largest trade collaboration schemes the world has seen for many years.

Speakers: Shaun Brodie & Adam Rush

Keywords: Singapore2018, APAC 2018, summit

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